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CleanyWaves is compatible with all types of smartphones, home appliances, networks, PLC boxes, etc. …

CleanyWaves does not affect the reception or transmission quality of your phone.

Due to its small size, it is particularly suitable for all portable devices that emit electromagnetic waves.

The patch consists of passive antenna modules made of flexible material.

The CleanyWaves patch is very easy to install. Simply apply it to the back of your device, as close as possible to the antenna.

Yes, CleanyWaves is compatible with 4G and 5G and all past and future standards.

Major national and international organisations such as the International Centre for
Cancer Research (IARC Lyon-France), or the World Health Organization
(WHO), have recognized that waves emitted by mobile phones can be
carcinogens. This position, defined in 2011, has been supported by numerous studies and
articles published since then.

The cells of the living kingdom communicate by electromagnetic waves but at a much less powerful level. But above all, it is the strong and repeated impulses of our telephones that disrupt the functioning of living organisms because living cells function on a continuous rhythm of linear waves.

For reasons of financial profitability of the frequency bands bought by the operators from the states, fragmented waves make it possible to transmit a greater quantity of information on the same frequency band by distributing the messages of several telephones on the same carrier wave: the wave must therefore be powerful in order to convey the information.

It depends on the individuals, some are more sensitive than others, but from the 5th minute, physiological changes appear in the user, even if the individual concerned does not have the direct sensation and does not perceive them: more time passes, the more the red blood cells agglomerate, the more physiological fluids heat up etc …

The nuisance diminishes with the square of the distance, which means that the harmfulness becomes negligible from 1.5 to 2 metres away: the further away you are, the less you suffer.

No. It can be placed anywhere, especially since new smartphones are designed with a non-centered peripheral antenna