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The innovative patch that protects you

An innovative patch that protects you

With the Cleany-Waves patch, use your cell phone in a completely safe and unlimited way.

Protect yourself against electromagnetic waves emitted by past and future cell phone models.

A versatile patch

Helps to Reduce Harmful Waves

Up to 70% reduction of received waves without data loss

Helps to improve sleep

Alleviates sleep disorders related to harmful waves

Helps reduce migraines

Softens the electromagnetic waves responsible for headaches

Quick & easy installation

Just stick it on the back of the phone and that's it!

Without changing the case

Can be placed under your protective shell without reducing its effectiveness

Compatible with all models

CleanyWaves is 4G and 5G compatible, and can be installed on all devices

immediate results!

-70.5% less harmful wave emissions

The WHO (World Health Organisation) has classified the waves emitted by mobile phones, tablets etc, as potentially dangerous.

Reduce your exposure with the Cleany Waves passive antenna.

Offers for the whole family

Solo Pack

To be placed on a single device
$ 29

Duo pack

To be placed on two devices
$ 39

Family pack

To be installed on 4 devices
$ 59