Survey results infographic health impacts emfToday’s technologically-dependent world has diode to an increase in technology-related health considerations, from blue lightweight exposure to mental stateparticularly from those conscious of their digital eudaemonia and technology consumption. we tend to surveyed folks that visit our web site and social media channels within the hopes of gaining insights from people who area unit conscious of electromotive force and digital heath. The results showed several area unit involved and looking out for tactics to scale back their exposure.

One of the most important considerations current around technology use stems from magnetic attraction Frequency (EMF) radiation exposure. electromotive force radiation emits from all technology as well as mobile devices, televisions, local area network routers, and any device with an influence supply. The advanced, personal mobile devices that we tend to use these days have solely been around since the late 90’s / early 2000’s, that means there hasn’t been terribly several studies done on the long health effects that may result from an excessive amount of exposure. It’s solely been fifteen years since Apple discharged their 1st generation of iPhone.

Today, the health impacts of electromotive force radiation emitting from our mobile devices and wireless networks is kind of controversial several claim that there's no conclusive proof proving the harmful effects of electromotive force radiation, thanks to not having a transparent bio mechanism of action. However, there's a preponderance of independently-funded analysis showing associations and even clear effort between electromotive force exposure and varied health impacts, enough so the preventive principle ought to use till a lot of analysis victimisation current technology is conducted. and lots of doctors and scientists area unit currently speaking call at concern that our mobile devices and networks area unit damaging humans, animals, and therefore the setting. To high it all off, in August of 2021 the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) lost a landmark court case against the Children’s Health Defense (CHD) wherever the court dominated the Federal Communications Commission neglected proof in deciding their wireless radiation exposure standards, golf shot the health and safety of the public–and particularly children–at risk. analysis shows that kids area unit the foremost vulnerable cluster to electromotive force radiation, nonetheless the Federal Communications Commission has not addressed kids once considering their standards.

Chronic electromotive force exposure has been coupled to reports of the many serious medical conditions, moreover as varied levels of physical and psychological symptoms. These embrace (but don't seem to be restricted to) symptom, tingling or burning skin, concentration difficulties, brain fog, anxiety, irritability, headaches, and might even cause long effects like genetic harmfruitful defects, system disfunction and cancer.

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Syndrome (EHS) may be a term coined by the eu Commission to explain people who area unit sensitive to electromotive force exposure. folks that suffer from EHS will expertise one or a lot of of the on top of listed health effects–whether or not it's minor tingling sensations in their fingers once on their device, or major to the purpose that their bodies will now not operate commonly whereas within the presence of wireless frequencies. though EHS isn't a correct diagnosis within the U.S. thanks to lack of knowledge and analysis on however it's caused and the way it will be diagnosed, it's calculable that around 2 hundredth of the globe population might suffer from it. several with EHS can also have sensitivities to chemicals (MCS) or different environmental toxins, and lots of upset chronic immune diseases.

In our recent survey, we tend to found that seventy four of over four hundred folks surveyed intimate one or a lot of negative health effects once exposed to technology. These effects vary from headaches and mood changes, to sleeping problemsand lots of see the results crop up among the primary few hours of victimisation their devices. within the same survey, respondents were asked whether or not or not they were sensitive to EMFs, and a thumping sixty six of these United Nations agency responded reported ‘yes,’ that means the bulk of individuals United Nations agency area unit tuned in to electromotive forces correlate the symptoms they need whereas victimisation technology with their own personal EMF sensitivity.

While the bulk of these surveyed were already acquainted with electromotive force radiation and DefenderShield as a corporationdifferent freelance surveys have conjointly shown a big variety of respondents United Nations agency area unit sensitive to electromotive force radiation. whereas those with EHS is also the sole ones that may feel the negative impacts of electromotive force radiation exposure, electromotive force frequencies, even at the low, non-ionizing levels emitting from technology, will impact many various elements of the body and cellular functions.

It is suggested that you simply keep most devices one foot away to scale back exposure by eightieth, or four feet away to eliminate exposure by ninety eight. Keeping local area network and Bluetooth settings turned off on your phone once not in use, or creating use of aeroplane mode can even greatly cut back your risk. On high of this, investment in electromotive force shielding product like phone cases, portable computer sleeves, blankets, clothes, etc., will bring you a bigger peace of mind once around your devices.

DefenderShield offers the foremost effective electromotive force shielding product on the market these days. Their product vary from phone cases and portable computer sleeves to blankets and covering, all of that area unit capable of interference up to 90GHz of EMFs, as well as 5G–the newest cellular network. In fact, ninety eight of DefenderShield customers feel safer whereas victimisation their electromotive force shielding product. The digital eudaemonia team at DefenderShield® has conjointly recently launched a {brand new} brand, Lightbody™, that delivers consecutive generation of nutritionary supplements specifically developed to assist your body become a lot of resilient to EMFs and different environmental toxins.